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I'm joining YOUTUBE!

Have you ever tried searching for Youtube videos about tips and tricks for getting by as an artists? Have you tried finding videos about flexible performer gigs, flexible jobs, audition techniques, and the business side of things?

Finally, I can spill my next venture. As I recently wrapped up Wonderland, I was sort of wondering what I can do with my time. THEN, it came to me. YOUTUBE. I'm starting the Artist Corner! I recently took an Uber ride with a lovely gentleman who was beginning his acting journey, and after a long winded conversation of dos and don'ts, I decided to create an informative YouTube channel about everything I've learnt so far! I've been blessed enough to be a working actor, a hired actor, and bills-paying actor, while living in L.A, not being able to do any other profession on but acting because VISA, so here we are. Not a struggling artist, not quite Oscar winning yet, definitely getting by, definitely the in-between.

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” ― John Holmes

So, I'm taking my film school knowledge, out of film school working knowledge, all the resources and notes from workshops, classes, seminars and conversations with connections, and giving it to you all on one channel! I'll tell you my wins, failures, what worked, what didn't and who to go to! Also since I moved from London to L.A, and now back again to London, you'll be hearing it all! I really want to help other artists who can't afford to attend some of the places where they'll hear this stuff, have no resources nearby or don't know where to even start!

So..What's it about?

The Artist Corner is about artists helping artists. Actors, dancers, singers, performers, you name it! Whether you searching for information about headshots, agents, managers, resumes, what a casting director is thinking, this is the place! I also will be targeting performance gigs, contracts, flexible work you can do to keep you afloat, flexible jobs that you can do alongside your acting work as well! Audition techniques, callback techniques, workshops, classes, and just all around being a working actor.

I really want to make this Youtube as informative, and resourceful, l as I can make it, so please let me know your thoughts, questions, concerns!

I will let you know about the first video, but for now, please pre-subscribe:


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xoxo, Alice Jean

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