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Passport to Iron City: Alita Experience

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Your girl was cast in the new immersive theatre project, 'Passport to Iron City! It's collaboration among TSG Entertainment, iam8bit, 20th Century Fox, and Lightstorm Entertainment!

Hey guys! Exciting new announcement! Iron City is now ready for you! I've been cast as Rada, Head Scrapper! You can catch me in the scrapyard! For all my lovely Alita: Battle Angel fans, definitely get your tickets while they're still cheap, before the movie comes out!

Hugo: It’s a harsh world. The strong prey on the weak down here. You got to stay focused on your dream.” - Alita: Battle Angel

Passport to Iron city is a live immersive theatre experience based on the upcoming sci-fi film and Manga, Alita: Battle Angel. You guys, the audience, get to enter the world of the movie, for 40 minutes, and complete the tasks given to you by the neighbourhood locals (us!), so you can collect credits, that you will gamble in a round of Motorball, in order to generate enough wealth to ascend to Zalem. It's quite the show!

So stop wasting time, and meet me in scrapyard, so we can get down to business! Get your tickets at:

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