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She's a WOman on topp!

Thank you so much to WomenOnTopp for the feature! I will be eternally grateful!

Captured by Jen Dela Resma!

You guys, I'm so happy to proclaim from the rooftops, that WomenOnTopp have written a feature on yours truly! Here's the Link:

“Great things never come from comfort zones.”

In this particular feature, I discuss the discomfort I experienced taking the plunge of immersing myself into this industry full time! Suffering setbacks, moving to Los Angeles, but also my proudest achievements so far, which didn't come from being in the comfort zone, but from outside of it!

To all my loved ones, friends & family:

Thank you for you continuous support, wouldn't be here or this far without that it. I'm very blessed to be in my position, and I'm grateful to God everyday. I definitely plan on continuing to grow in my journey, and support you all on yours as well! Thank you for being so great to me.

I also made a YouTube video, alongside this feature, discussing my advice to new actors hoping to begin their journey in Los Angeles! Please check it out:

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xoxo, Alice Jean

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